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  • Considerations in Making an Award of Alimony in South Carolina Family Courts

    || 29-Jan-2014

    South Carolina Family Court Considerations in Making an Award of Alimony or Separate Maintenance and Support. In making an award of alimony or separate maintenance and support, the Family Court must consider and give weight, in such proportion as it finds appropriate, to all of the following factors: (1) the duration of the marriage together with the ages of the parties at the time of the marriage ...
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  • Alimony and Support Awarded in Divorce Actions in South Carolina

    || 14-Jan-2014

    What are the types of Alimony and Support that can be Awarded in Actions for Divorce and Separate Maintenance and Support, in South Carolina? In proceedings for divorce, and in actions for separate maintenance and support, filed in Family Courts within the State of South Carolina, the court may grant alimony or separate maintenance and support. The Family Court can grant alimony and separate ...
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  • Family Court issues in Bankruptcy Court: Domestic Support Obligations

    || 24-Jun-2013

    Parties involved in litigation in the Family Court may also find themselves in need of filing for relief in the United States Bankruptcy Court. Additionally, a person may be paying child support and/or alimony and need to file for bankruptcy relief. The issues such people may encounter include, but are not limited to, what is Domestic Support Obligation as defined by the United States Bankruptcy ...
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